Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delegation to Europe

Delegation to Europe

Yes,Greeting & Love to ONE n all..

it's been months i haven't wrote a new blog entry...
well, so it go. the struggle has been tough carrying this musical journey...
but many things have been achieved & hopefully established from now on.
Maneuvering in Java Jazz '08, performing for Tempo Magazine,nominated for "Anugerah Musik Indonesia" '08 for best Reggae composition, chosen as
"Best New Reggae" by Rolling Stone magazine Indonesia,
supporting the worker's movement & playing for the prologue of "May Day".
still many dreams & goals...
this September, I the Reggae Ambassador for Indonesia will be taking a trip to Europe,travelling to meet Reggae musicians & all Reggae students in various countries.
my goal is to open doors for the Reggae massive throughout Asia & Europe...
you can call it the "Ambassador's delegation to European nations".
I n I hope the outcome would be positive & that many collaborations through
compositions (songs) & solid networking would globalize Reggae to ever move forward with JAH Music.
there are 6 delegations i must complete : Norway,Germany,
the Netherlands,Belgium,France & Portugal.
so, Reggae musicians & all her ambassadors. get ready to welcome Indonesia's
very own "Duta Reggae".

Give Thanks & Praises


- H.E. Ras Muhamad -

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